Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Boston Globe Joins the Fight for Cape Wind

The Boston Globe spoke out against the new and unexpected opposition to Cape Wind in an editorial last week, calling the attempt to "protect all of Nantucket Sound for cultural reasons" a "cynical gimmick."

The day before the editorial was published, the Globe reported that the Aquinnah and Mashpee Wampanoag tribes claim the 130 proposed wind turbines in Nantucket Sound would disturb their spiritual sun greetings and submerged ancestral burying grounds.

The claim will more than likely be rejected because archeological excavations in Nantucket Sound have not found any signs of Native American camps or other signs of human life. In addition, federally designated traditional properties tend to be defined areas rather than bodies of water with ambiguous boundaries. In spite of that, the project will still likely be delayed.

Environment Massachusetts fully supports Cape Wind. The wind farm will generate pollution-free energy using offshore winds (a free and plentiful natural resource!), thus lowering bills, cutting pollution, and creating local jobs. Cape Wind is far too valuable to our state's well-being to allow it to get knocked of course by a last minute stalling tactic.

The Globe's position has sparked quite the Online discussion. Comments range from:
"Enough already. We all had enough. This project has been debated and dissected for how long now, nine years? It's well past time to make a 'decision'. The benefits of this project clearly outnumber any negatives."
"Wind power should be abandoned. The windmills are a complete eyesore and windpower will never compete with more efficient and reliable sources of energy such as oil, gas, nuclear and perhaps solar."
Read through all the comments on the editorial here, then come back to the blog and post your own views.

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